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Laser Dental Treatment

Laser dental treatment is fast gaining popularity due to its ease in practice as well as patient compliance. Let’s take a closer look at laser enhanced dental treatment in detail. 

Laser dentistry is used to carry out various dental procedures like laser tooth whitening, gum depigmentation, pain therapy etc. It’s also great auxiliary equipment in invasive procedures involving blood and blades! It is replacing many conventional procedures as it renders a bloodless and painless experience. For years, we have feared dental pain and it has made us fearful in approaching a dentist.  

However dental technology has come as a saving grace! Laser dentistry or laser dental treatments helps in painless tissue severing without blood. It helps in instant cauterization thereby reducing patient anxiety and fear towards procedures that incline towards pain or bleeding. 

Laser dentistry is not only painless but also quick dental treatment and more effective. 

Laser treatment offered here are: 

Laser whitening or laser teeth bleaching

Helps whiten your teeth upto 4-7 shades in under 45 minutes. No sensitivity is reported post treatment. Usually done in 1-2 sittings

Laser frenectomy

Laser gum bleaching or laser gum depigmentation and more.