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Advice for keeping your mature teeth and gums healthy, plus common dental concerns.

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Expert People

Our Dedicated Team

Dr Mayur Khairnar

Head Dentist, Chief Periodontist and Oral Implantologist

Dr Darshana Khairnar

Senior Dentist and DSD Specialist and Oral Implantologist

Dr A Raam Prasath

Orthodontist and Oral Implantologist

Dr Rupali Joshi

Dental Hygienist

Dr Sanika Dhamapurkar

BDS, FDS- Prosthodontics and Oral Implantology

Dr Tejashvi Seth

BDS, MDS- Periodontology and Oral Implantology
What We Do For You

We can inspire and Offer Different Services

Dental Implants

Dental implants are unimaginably the best way of replacing few or all lost teeth by not damaging the existing teeth in a fixed manner and now immediate loading implants are here to ease your treatment. Improve your smile. Improve your quality of life.

Smile Designing

Crooked, stained or gummy smile?DIGITAL SMILE DESIGNING (DSD) is the solution to all. Our specialist is globally trained in DSD and plans and curates your smile digitally and gives you the best form of aesthetics that suits your facial features and you can now get a perfect looking million dollar Bollywood smile in just few days!

Root Canals

Microscope enhances vision and access to the minute canals of the roots that are being cleaned and disinfected, thus improving the precision and accuracy. Our endodontic treatment is meant to retain your natural teeth a lifetime.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening can be a very effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth or removing any stains from your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. Connect with us for a brighter and whiter teeth

Dental X-Rays

X rays are essential part to understand how strong your teeth are and for any tooth related ailments. We do provide in house OPG and IOPA facilities as well

Orthodontics or Braces dentistry

Design your smile with our clear aligners (invisible braces)

Crown and Bridges

Cosmetic Dentistry procedures like Dental Crowns and Bridges can restore damaged teeth caused by decay, injury, or wear over time, enhancing your smile and mouth appearance. Opt for metal-free options for worry-free eating of your favorite foods.

Dental Extractions

Tooth extraction may be necessary for severe damage or decay when other measures fail. It's a common procedure that eliminates bacteria and enhances oral health. We offer simple and wisdom tooth removal under minimal anesthesia, ensuring a pain-free experience.

gums treatment

Gum disease treatments are among the most commonly performed dental procedures. There are a number of nonsurgical and surgical gum disease treatment options available. We use these procedures to reduce infection in your mouth and rebuild tissues damaged by periodontal (gum) disease.

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Full service dental clinic

Full service dental clinic with proven track record and 100% satisfaction

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Monday to Saturday
10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Painless treatment

We have an option of Painless treatment & can ensure full dental replacement in 3 days

Our Testimonials

What Customers Say’s About Our Services

Indra KumarIndra Kumar
10:06 09 Dec 23
I going for my children , it's good service and treatment and fees also.
Dj DhineshDj Dhinesh
07:10 09 Dec 23
Had severe pain.wanted rct. But the doctor said the tooth won't survive long so they extract it and put dental implant and waited for 3months to get it fixed then they gave me permanent tooth good work thanks to dr.raam prasath. Would recommend him for dental implant
Davidhu SaralDavidhu Saral
07:50 07 Dec 23
My gums and tooth are weak. Got dental implants done. Dr raam extracted placed dentalimplant fixed cermic tooth. All within 1 week. Really satisfied. Highly recommend Dr. Raam prasath
Vignesh SendurVignesh Sendur
05:59 06 Dec 23
I came here for consultation because my lower front tooth are mobile I find it difficult to bite anything for a while they suggested that my teeth can't be saved but it can be replaced by dental implants so I took that treatment here implant placement done on dec 3rd and they fixed permanent zirconia teeth on dec 6th which is unbelievable for me because they fixed my problem within 3days now am satisfied with this treatment thanks to Dr raam prasath for this wonderful treatment
uma aththaiuma aththai
09:43 23 Sep 23
Really really very nice experience. I got my Smile again with the help of Sweet Doctor Ram Prasad Sir and all the staff of Precigem dental world chennai branch. 100💕💖💖💖 percentage guarantee for our missed smile coming Back. Very good team in Dental world 🌎. Very clearcut approach. Very dedicated, talented, friendly in all aspects...thank you Ram 🙏 Sir.
Kalai SelviKalai Selvi
08:47 08 Sep 23
All my teeth are shaking and am having severe pain can't even bite anything and it also affected my speech quality and i just came here for consultation they gave me many treatment options to replace all my teeth and i wanted to replace it by fixed method I did dental implant treatment and this treatment completely changed my life now am able eat and speak without any hesitation nice clinic and thanks to Dr. Raam prasath he completed everything within a week
Vinitha MahiVinitha Mahi
07:16 08 Sep 23
I lost all my back teeth because of cavity I can't even chew anything because of pain so I want to replace my teeth and I heard about precigem and they suggested me dental implants treatment then I took that treatment and now am able to chew my food comfortably without any pain wonderful treatment and kind staffs...
Saravan CSaravan C
07:16 09 Aug 23
I had tooth pain in upper and lower tooth i consulted dr.raam prasath and i did root canal treatment in 2 teeth and i am satisfied with their treatment and care they gave me appointments at my comfortable time which is even more comfortable for me to done the treatment
Ramesh PRamesh P
05:13 05 Aug 23
I took my lower back teeth because of pain and I find difficult to chew so I wanted to place tooth in that.I came to know precigem and I went for consultation and I liked their way of approaching and I done cleaning and dental implant treatment that gave me my natural tooth like appearence and now am able to chew.thanks to Dr.raam prasath
Arun ChinnathuraiArun Chinnathurai
14:48 29 Jul 23
My friend suggested this clinic and I came here for consultation. The treatment was excellent and staffs are very friendly and caring. Tooth extraction and cleaning everything was done with much care. Importantly the time span and appointments were adjusted according to my schedule. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone.