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Invisalign Aligners

Invisible aligners or clear aligners are the latest in dental health care. It’s not just a fancy treatment; it’s a clear alternative to the braces which are fading away due to its many cons. The downside of conventional braces include mild to moderate pain, difficulty in maintenance, possibility of cavity formation, compromised aesthetics 

Invisible aligners on the other hand are completely invisible that are translucent! Aligners are made on 3D printed series of models. These are the products of virtual planning of your entire treatment. 

Invisible retainers and aligners are the easiest to use! Just like clip ones, it can be snapped in! It’s transparent so you need not worry about going out and can hang out with your friends without letting anyone notice! 

It can be removed while you enjoy your favorite food unlike conventional braces and can be worn back soon after. This sets you free from all the food restrictions and lets you enjoy life at its full flavor, all when your teeth are coming together in alignment. 

Time taken can be depending upon the complexity of your teeth alignment. The more complex it is, the more retainers you will be wearing. However it is still completely painless and is as effective as any traditional braces. 

Invisalign cost / Invisible Aligner cost

The cost of invisible aligners depend upon the number of retainers in the series that you will be provided with. It can start from INR 65000 to  INR 680000 depending upon the complexity of the treatment.