Conventional implants require more time to heal and integrate well. These are placed in the cancellous/ spongy bone region of your jaw. This causes a significant delay in functionality that is the ability to withstand masticatory /chewing forces. The advanced technique of immediate loading implants are placed in the most stable part…

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How full mouth immediate loading dental implants improve your quality of life?

“I had almost given up in my life..not able to go out and meet people.. but after recieving fixed teeth i feel i have been blessed with a new life.Now im more confident to face my friends and go out more..”   Full mouth rehabilitations- are nothing less than a…

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How it improves the quality of your life?

Have you ever come across someone with low confidence and not very open to smiling? Have you been able to laugh with your teeth out,in public? Have you noticed people who are highly successful beaming with confidence and authority? Well,if common factor is, owning a very beautiful smile! Having a beautiful…

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