Conventional implants require more time to heal and integrate well. These are placed in the cancellous/ spongy bone region of your jaw. This causes a significant delay in functionality that is the ability to withstand masticatory /chewing forces. The advanced technique of immediate loading implants are placed in the most stable part of your bone where there is minimum to no resorption happening ,ie the basal bone,cortical bone and the pterygoid bone.


This technique makes the best use of whatever bone that is stable,available and is also best suitable to receive a fully functioning implant in a resorbed and less bone volume conditions. This is why augmentation of bone is not a concern when it comes to immediate loading implants as they are placed in regions with less tendency to resorb. Thus enabling the recipient to eat,smile,talk,sing and carry on with their daily life in a matter of 3 to 5 days.


Full mouth reconstruction is something that needs detailed planning and execution. A complete smile makeover can be done in 3 days, rather than waiting for a period of 2 long months. We can easily move on with our lives without having to hide our smiles.