How full mouth immediate loading dental implants improve your quality of life?

“I had almost given up in my life..not able to go out and meet people.. but after recieving fixed teeth i feel i have been blessed with a new life.Now im more confident to face my friends and go out more..”


Full mouth rehabilitations- are nothing less than a full life transformation. It’s no wonder that full mouth implants are gaining rapid popularity among the millennials. But before going in, let’s take a look at what immediate dental implants are. Dental implants are two types.  Single stage and two stage implants.Immediate dental implants are single stage implants, where the implants are placed using a minimally invasive technique followed by immediate placing of the prosthesis. Many of you should be wondering how this is even possible ! 


How can someone undergo a full mouth procedure in just 3days? Since we all have heard about two stage procedures that require a minimum of 2 to 8 months of healing period/waiting period before one can start eating / chewing, immediate implants are truly a pleasant surprise and a

blessing too !