Braces and Non Braces orthodontics

Braces or fixed orthodontics for teeth aligning

Traditional braces have advanced into a range of different forms such as ceramic braces, lingual or hidden braces and so on. Braces treatment is one of the most popular lines of cosmetic treatments as these play a pivotal role in determining the way you smile. 


It corrects the position of your teeth by gradually moving your teeth. A best dentist or a best orthodontist is one who achieves the perfect smile by not compromising on the bone as well as gum health while the teeth are being moved. There is constant force that is exerted on your teeth over a long period of time.This is beneficial compared to the quick moving of teeth which inturn compromises the health of your bone. Many times patients push their doctors inorder to achieve fast braces treatment which actually harms their overall bone health. 


Our speciality focuses on achieving perfect smile, a healthy bite relation and achieve a more beautiful looking smile all without compromising on the oral health of our patients. This has made us come so far successfully in giving our patients their desired results in a painless manner. Painless orthodontics is one of our essential goals and we have successfully managed to treat our patients and help them overcome their fear for braces.


Fixed orthodontics are of three major types. The traditional metal braces which are – front braces or the regular braces, and “hidden braces” which are placed at the back of your teeth hiding away from the eye of public. Metal braces are highly popular and are considered the best treatment for young generation as they are more “cool” and “colourful” for school /college goers. They can choose their favourite colours or even change their colour s according to any special occasion if at all. Mostly funky colours like orange,neon are preferred by youngsters who wants to express their personality out loud! It’s a great way to be more comfortable while going out with friends as told by them. These colourful bands don’t stain like the white ones and gives the teeth a brighter appearance as well. 



Lingual /Hidden braces – These are placed behind the teeth,thus conveniently hidden from others. Most of the time the wearer gets very well adapted to it by 2-3weeks and feel more comfortable going out and working or socializing. This requires a little more patience and more attention as it’s demands additional to responsibility in maintaining the hygiene perfectly,a the dirt/food stuck is not readily visible and hence are suggested more to adult age groups.