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a dream smile and thus transforming their lives with an experience of above 10,000+ implant cases.. “

Get full mouth fixed teeth in 3-5 days !

Detailed consultation and clinical examination, in house OPG assessment , followed by removal of week teeth and Implant placement 

Wax trial with jaw relation, facial balance and fullness assesment

Trial followed by fixing of implant teeth

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Online assesment of Dental scans & Xrays

Evaluation of your scans will be done by team of specialists and treatment will be planned provisionally

Travel assistance

Our tourism assistance desk will assist you in your safe arrival stay and commute on request

Advanced, safe & precise treatment

Precigem Dental world takes immense pleasure in offering the most sterile and warm ambience (FUMIDENT approved) and makes you feel the most comfortable.

Post Operative care

A complete treatment report along with dietary guidance, post operative instructions,maintenance tips etc will be hand overed to you. Your post operative needs will be custom planned and given to you within 3-5 working days and mailed to you ! We are there to help you throughout your journey with us till you fly back home safely!

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Our services

All on 6

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Full mouth implants

Its a well complied technique by which a person can recieve upto 12-14 teeth in each jaw just with the help of 6 implants in each jaws. Both immediate loading and delayed loading implants can be placed with this method

Pterygoid and zygomatic implants

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For bone deficient cases

Pterygoid implants are the best type of implants that are most stable and it helps avoid sinus lifts and bone grafting procedure as well. Zygomatic implants are ones which comes handy in cases where there is severe bone loss in upper jaw.

Full mouth rehabilitation

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A complete reconstructive treatment for those who have severely worn and / or fractured teeth

Smile makeover

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Upgrade your smile

Smile makeover is a combination of multiple approach by which we design your smile digitally to correct gummy smile, dull colour teeth, malaligned teeth, asymmetric smile and much more to give you that million dollar smile!

Immediate functional loading implants

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Basal and cortical tall tilted implants

It is possible to recieve implants and your crowns within just 3-5 days as we expertose i basal and bicortical implants which are placed in the strongest and least resorbable bone in your jaws.

General dentistry

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Restore your oral health

Apart from specialised care , your general dental care (Laser whitening, Root canal therapy, Complete teeth cleaning and polishing with gum therapy) is also adressed by us in a relaxed and completely safe and hygienic ambience. We aim at providing best care inorder to build stronger, healthier and aesthetic oral care to EVERY individual !

Hear it from our patients from all across the world ..

Being a scuba diver i wanted to make sure i have fixed teeth as a replacement option. I found Precigem clinic via internet and after an extensive research and conversation with the staff, i came to get my full mouth implant from Mumbai. Now i feel i have done the right thing evr,and am able to carry on with diving within just few days after i came back home!

Jim Dida

Scuba diver,California U S

I am Jayant Vasani from US. I came to Dr. Mayur via a reference from my friend who had done implant treatment from himbefore 3 years.I felt more like meeting a family here in Mumbai. They were very warm and very comforting. I almost slept throughout the procedure and even now i miss the cahir i was in..im in love with my new smile thats not just beautiful teeth…its also healthy and functionally competent ..Thankyou to the entire team ..

Jayant Vasani

Scientist, Mexico
Why choose us ? As your smile is our commitment


Immediate implants are by far the most advanced type of implants. There is no need to wait for long time ,almost 2-8 months as in conventional implant cases. This allows the patient to carry on with their daily activities with barely any downtime or recovery time


Advantages of immediate implants are as follows:

  1. No waiting for 3-8 months. One can start eating within 7-10 days period of time
  2. Flapless technique -quicker healing, almost painless
  3. No requirement of additional invasive procedures like bone grafting, sinus lifting etc that is both time consuming as well as cost consuming.
  4. Can be placed in severely compromised bone conditions too as they are more longer and tilted .
  5. Zygomatic implants makes use of the zygoma or the cheek bone in cases where there is no bone in upper jaws.
  6. Better patient compliance and preferred by travelling patients especially.
  7. Avoids multiple visits
  8. More economical 
  9. Can be done in periodontitis cases too.
All on 6 Basal and Cortical (ABC)

All on six-Basal-Cortical

It is an advanced technology in implant dentistry where in all the implants are strategically pre planned to position in basal and cortical regions of bone where there is minimum to NO resorption is seen..

How to reach us !

Mail us your Dental panoramics/CBCTscans previous dental reports, health reports,medical conditions if any, for us to help you recieve a best treatment plan before you fly down!